Room Manager

The room manager is used to transfer existing ground plan drawings into a central database using a few simple CAD functions. The database is generally created on the basis of simple 2D drawings, i.e. without "intelligence", either in DXF or DWG format.

The room manager possesses many useful functions, in addition to such basic functions as Set Room Number, Draw Room Polygon, and Parameterise Building Components, etc.:


Disable/Enable Database

If the project file is disabled in the preliminary settings, it is no longer possible to perform tabular editing without CAD. The reason for this is that any data inputted to tables or changes made to such data must be coordinated with the drawing.

The room number is used for entering such items as the target temperature for summer and winter or the load profiles for a subsequent cooling load computation.

Closed room polygons can be checked using a special function. Non-closed room polygons are displayed and a zoom function is also available for localisation.

Links to Neighbouring Rooms

Using the Pick option, it is possible to link interior walls, floors and ceilings to neighbouring rooms. These links are also displayed using the Building Component tool tip.

A plausibility test enables the visual display of the heating loads in the ground plan. Using a separate dialogue, individual areas can be freely defined with respect to the building's characteristics and assigned a colour. This makes it easier to localise any rooms to which insufficient or excessive heating has been provided.

All calculations which refer back to a room's geometry (polygons) can be run directly from the room manager. These include the computations for heating load and cooling load as well as underfloor heating.

When exporting data into the Navigator, only the building components defined in the CAD are overwritten. In the case of rooms to which building components have been added in tabular form in the calculation (e.g. with complex roof spaces), this means that the modifications are preserved should the data be exported again.