C.A.T.S. IFC manager

BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling and very much talked about these days in the building industry. 


Digital building models, which were created using BIM methods, can now be imported into our CAD systems via means of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes, the common data exchange format of BIM).

 The structure of buildings and systems will be maintained with all associated information such as:






along with geometry and types of building components (walls, windows, openings etc.)

This eliminates redundant data input of the building and enables the user to perform heating load and cooling load calculations without further ado!



Moreover, all 3D Models, which were created with C.A.T.S. software, can easily be exported into an IFC format file with all the works such as:

-3D geometry

-relations among each other and within building

-property sets

This, in turn, can be imported into a BIM platform as part of the workflow.